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Partner Transparency – Make It A Private Brand Theme

By: Ann Marie VegaOn: November 8, 2017

Transparency is at the heart of how modern brand owners want to build their customer relationships. I propose transparency across the entire supply chain. Working with Retailers and Suppliers alike, I hear the same exasperation; "Things go into a Big Black Hole until they appear again!" Sharing information and status is key to keeping the project moving forward and bringing revenue in faster.

Our team recently surveyed industry leaders as we prepared for a Velocity Talk and found the top three buzzkills are - the process taking too long - inaccurate / incomplete information - and too many approval rounds. For more insights, and some suggestions on how to start being more transparent with your partners please see my article in the Global Retail Brands Magazine (type "73" in the text box to go the article on page 73).

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