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Want to cut your artwork rounds in half?

If you could drop an average of 1 round on all your projects, wouldn’t that save an enormous amount of money and speed your time to market?

  • 50% reduction in Artwork Rounds

Providing reviewers with the ability to collaborate in a powerful interactive manner delivers reduced timelines and fewer rounds.

Approver electronically routes approvals and incorporates interactive live annotations - freeing team members from the time consuming effort of manually obtaining approval from stakeholders. Reviewers can simultaneously view, mark-up and annotate on screen - enabling urgent projects to be approved immediately. Making your approval process digital with annotations captured brings efficacy to the process, as well as accountability.


Key Benefits & Features 

Location Independent

Approvers can review the round wherever they may be that day. All that is needed is an Internet browser - desktop or mobile device - to review the files. Collaboration between internal and external users becomes simple, and in real time.

Always-Current Status

The feedback form displays the current status of each approver, including completion times and their notes for the approval. You always know who is left to review the routing.

Easy to Administer

The originator of the approval process simply completes a web form with job details, who should be in the approval process and uploads the routing file.

Multiple Routing Options

Whether your process requires a sequential or broadcast routing, Approver can support your needs. The approval process can route - internally or externally - from one approver to the next, or provide it to all approvers concurrently. It is all in your control.

Route Any File Type

There is no limit to the type of file you can route for approval. Route artwork, images, copy, video, and spreadsheets - virtually any file type.

Automated Email Notification

An email is automatically generated when approvals are routed containing detailed information about the job, a direct link to the signoff page and approval deadlines. Approver keeps it simple for your reviewers.

Pre and Post Approval

Allows the project owner to a) make changes and comments to a job before it is routed to your approval team and b) apply final comments once all stakeholders have signed off.

Complete Digital Audit Trail

Each round is stored with its change history providing users immediate access to view and even compare rounds.


Dashboard provides a user-specific view of what is on a user’s plate for approvals. It is as simple as looking at the queue and jumping in.

Facilitate Collaboration & Deliver Your Projects Quicker

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Bringing Value 

Task Time w/o Approval Time with Approval Cost w/o Approval Cost with Approval # Per Project Savings
Create a draft copy for each reviewer 20 min 5 min $10.40 $2.60 3 $23.40
Prepare an approval form 30 min 10 min $15.62 $5.20 3 $31.26
Distribute the drafts 30 min 0 min $15.62 $0 3 $46.86
Conversation with reviewers about the draft 60 min 10 min $31.25 $5.20 3 $78.15
Complete and breif feedback to designers 60 min 10 min $31.25 $5.20 3 $78.15
Annual Savings Based on 200 projects per year $51,564
  • Approver has been huge benefit to our team. On the one hand it helped us streamline our review process and complete the design phase more quickly. On the other hand, it enabled us to reliably comply with government standards. Approval is a truly indispensable tool.

    Megan Theis, Traffic Manager
  • Having a tool like Approver is the only way we could have completed the redesign of our entire private label program in one year.

    Todd Fryer, Director of Corporate Brands Marketing
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