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File Sharer

Has a printer ever told you they haven’t received the file?

Wouldn’t you love to know the recipient has downloaded a file and when?

  • 100% Accountability

Knowing who has downloaded the file, and when, frees up your time from chasing recipients and holds everyone accountable. There is no uncertainty - the information is in the system, related to the project. You’ll also know if you indeed forgot to send it! File Sharer provides a fast and easy way to transfer important company files to remote employees and external vendors with no limit to file sizes. Users assigned to the file receive email notifications, and downloads are a simple click away. A record of when the file was downloaded is kept for historical purposes. Everything is neatly tucked away and related to the project.


Key Benefits & Features 

Unrestricted Download Size

Large packages are not a problem. Create your download without worrying about the size. We will get your package to the person or group that needs to get it.

Ease of Use

To pull your package together, simply upload your file, identify who you want to get the package, and you are done.

Additional Information

Sometimes a bit more instruction is needed for the receiver. Several metadata fields provide areas for notes and instructions. Additional reference files can also be uploaded.

Universal Compatibility

Whether users are on a PC, Mac or even a Linux-based machine, File Sharer provides a quick and easy connection for fast file uploads. The recipient need only have access to an Internet browser to download the file.

Auditable and Secure

Access to the package is secured through an encrypted link. An audit trail is created that identifies when packages were uploaded and who has downloaded them.

Create Accountability & Free Up Your Time

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Bringing Value

Task Time w/o File Sharer Time with File Sharer Cost w/o File Sharer Cost with File Sharer # Per Project Savings
Discuss file packaging with vendor 15min 5min $7.80 $2.60 4 $20.85
Assemble package with final art 20 min 5 min $10.40 $2.60 4 $31.20
Final art on media for overnight shipping 10 min 0 min $35.00 $0 4 $140.00
Confirm reciept by the vendor 15min 0 min $7.80 $0 4 $31.20
Annual Savings Based on 200 projects per year $44,650.00
  • I could not release the amount of files we send to printers each week without File Sharer. Files are released securely to our vendors, with an audit trail for future reference. Honestly, I don't think we could do without it.

    Amy Saad, Account Manager
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