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  • 50% improvement in On-time Jobs
  • 75% reduction in Project Administration Time

Project Information at Your Fingertips Knowing What Needs to be Done and Communicating Inside the Project With Team Members Delivers Results

Tracker is a centralized place of truth, managing and tracking each aspect of a project. From project intake to status updates to tracking milestones to managing the project’s budget, Tracker is there for all your project needs.

You’ll have easy access to your project details and key materials such as artwork, copy, dielines, and brand information. Tracker streamlines management of the creative process, from initial design through final production. Managers will also have a convenient way to monitor progress and ensure tasks are completed on time.

Key Benefits & Features


Provides up to the minute status on all projects. You can see what needs attention, and what is on time. Dashboard helps you organize your day, and your team.

Project Details

Captures vital project specific information such as status, creative briefs, and relevant files. You can decide if you have what is needed, and if not, respond within the system asking for more. Your projects can now start with all that is required.


Notes is our communication tool for your team. Drive forward conversations and milestones for the project. Work groups love this feature as it documents key conversations and eliminates the need to search through old email. Everyone stays aligned and up to date!


Holds the sub-components information for the project or program; or for any number of SKUs with their own unique data. You can track every piece of the project easily and reliably.


Lists key members for the project and their role. Everyone knows who is on the team. The team will get notified when the project gets kicked off.


Track and maintain vital project actions or steps. You can easily see when an event is late or on time. You can even recalculate to see what a change has done to your timeline.


Collects budget information including totals to allow a comparison of estimated to actual. Now you have a place to quickly check if you are on target with your budget.

Approvals / File Sharer / Assets / Products

Are windows into your other modules in the Total Workflow Solution. We created a link for you to be able to easily connect artwork approvals, shared files, asset and production information associated with your project.

Project Information at Your Fingertips

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Bringing Value

Task Time w/o Tracker Time with Tracker Cost w/o Tracker Cost with Tracker # Per Project Savings
Prepare and distribute project brief 60 min 20 min $31.25 $10.40 1 $20.85
Daily project coordination 20 min 5 min $10.40 $2.60 20 $156.00
Communicate tasks to team members 25 min 5 min $13.00 $2.60 5 $52.00
Conversation with creative about status 10 min 2 min $5.20 $1.04 12 $49.92
Track down important discussions 15 min 2 min $7.80 $1.04 8 $54.00
Annual Savings Based on 200 projects per year $66,570.00
  • We have needed a system like this for so long. When I saw what the WBD solution could do it was mind-blowing.

    Deb Foley, Art Director
  • "I am starting to realize the time savings I anticipated with an online system. Truly, I find myself getting projects initiated faster than before and wondering how that happened! It then dawned on me that using the Workflow by Design solution is the reason.”

    Gwendolyn Goguelet, US Retail Marketing Services Manager
  • WBD Systems provided a huge time-saving solution to our internal processes. Their smart, intuitive systems fit perfectly into our own workflow, giving us the tool necessary to both speed up and simplify everyday tasks.

    Jennifer Peterson, Creative Services Manager
We Help Creative Professionals

We Help Creative Professionals Our Knowledge and Experience is Second to None

We are steeped with knowledge and experience in Private Brand, Brand Management, and the Product Life Cycle. Our deep artwork and design experience is infused into our workflow solution making it an intuitive tool for creative professionals. We understand the pressures of design and artwork production.