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Asset Finder

Do you wish you had a nickel for each time you were asked for a logo?

Do you need to reformat a requested asset to fit the requester’s format need? Have you ever wished you could locate the asset used in a job from two years ago?

  • 65% Reduction in Administrative Tasks

These are the types of needs we hear from customers every day. Access controlled, metadata rich asset management is a must in today’s creative world. Too much precious time is spent searching for assets, and/or supplying assets to others who should be able to easily download it on their own - and frankly they want to do it themselves!

Asset Finder lets you repurpose images, logos, artwork, videos, and advertising files without the administrative burden on creative teams.

Asset Finder eliminates many of the tasks faced by the creative staff once a design is in production. Generating formats commonly needed as the digital assets are published in Asset Finder makes them available to employees and vendors online, in the form needed. Creative teams no longer carry the burden of disseminating files, allowing you to focus on the creative tasks at hand. As an added service, WBD will work with clients to organize existing assets into feasible hierarchies and perform a batch upload of assets into the new structure. This includes determining which metadata can be automatically extracted from assets during initial import into the system.


Key Benefits & Features

Image Format Generation

Asset Finder automatically creates alternative image formats needed to support your repurposing requirements.

Customizable Hierarchy

Assets are indexed using a hierarchy that can be customized by you to suit your needs.

Ease of Use

Authorized users find assets through category or keyword searches, then place them in a familiar “shopping cart” providing a well recognized process for downloading multiple files.


Asset Finder securely provides any department or outside associate with access to corporate digital images through a web browser.

Unrestricted Download Size

Large images are not a problem, we package up the shopping cart and send an easy to use download link.

All File Types Supported

Asset Finder accommodates images requiring high and low resolution variants, along with other files types such as vector graphics, PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint files, video, radio spots. Your wish is our command.

Thumbnail Views

Thumbnail view and larger preview are automatically generated making it easy for users to verify their shopping choice.

Project Metadata

Metadata from a Tracker project is automatically associated with assets saved from a project into Asset Finder driving better search results.

Repurpose Files Without the Administrative Burden

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Bringing Value

Task Time w/o Asset Finder Time Asset Finder Cost w/o Asset Finder Cost with Asset Finder Savings
File completed artwork in correct location 15 min 5 min $7.80 $2.60 $5.20
Call to request image, logo, or other asset 20 min 10 min $10.40 $0 $10.40
Image search and devise means of delivery 30 min 10 min $15.60 $2.60 $13.00
Reformat to meet requester(s) requirements 30 min 10 min $15.60 $0 $15.60
Confirm receipt and check fit for purpose 10 min 10 min $5.20 $0 $5.20
Annual Savings Based on 800 projects per year $39,520.00
  • Our Art Department has a very heavy daily workload, and trying to share assets globally through email just wasn't working. Asset Finder has allowed us to get more done and focus on the important creative tasks at hand.

    Ane Jens, Art Department Manager
  • Asset Finder enables us to easily re-purpose all of our digital files. We can quickly locate illustrations, photographs, and logos, which we use to maintain consistency throughout our catalogs, packaging, and sales materials.

    Suzanne Lavery, Brand Manager
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We Help Creative Professionals Our Knowledge and Experience is Second to None

We are steeped with knowledge and experience in Private Brand, Brand Management, and the Product Life Cycle. Our deep artwork and design experience is infused into our workflow solution making it an intuitive tool for creative professionals. We understand the pressures of design and artwork production.