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Creative Services & Marketing teams have a growing list of services provided to organizations across the company.  Managing a wide variety of marketing projects - campaigns, advertisements, banners, eBooks, tradeshows, store sets (and the list goes on) - with demanding timelines, different team members, and many sub-components is challenging. Spreadsheets, email, and electronic folders just don’t provide what is needed in today’s fast paced marketing world. We recognize that project briefs, brand management, artwork creation, and projects that can be as short as hours to as long as a year require a system that can capture and manage it all.

The Impact of Your Challenges

  •  Project Delays
  •  Extra Artwork Revisions
  •  RUSH requests
  •  Missed Deadlines
  •  Teaming Breakdown
  •  eCommerce Information Problems

Trying to manage a long list of projects with numerous moving parts without a proper solution in place is simply unrealistic.  There are too many emails, side discussions, undocumented requests, and unnecessary meetings for reviews. Accountability is difficult, capacity planning is impossible, and there is no way to generate reports for status and results reviews.

How We Can Help

The Total Workflow Solution is a cloud-based solution that delivers an automated workflow for the entire life cycle of your marketing project - from concept or creative brief to the final release. Each member knows exactly what needs to get done on each project and by when! With the solution tracking projects and key information along the way, reporting becomes easy; understanding the number of projects, campaigns and sub-projects, projects completed on-time, RUSH requests, number of artwork rounds… are as easy as running a report.

  •  Improved On-Time Complete
  •  Reduce Artwork Rounds
  •  Increased Accountability
  •  Rally Team Communication
  •  Measure Results



Provides up to the minute status on all projects. You can see what needs attention, and what is on time. Dashboard helps you organize your day, and your team.

Project Details

Captures vital project specific information such as status, creative briefs, and relevant files. You can decide if you have what is needed, and if not, respond within the system asking for more. Your projects can now start with all that is required.


Notes is our communication tool for your team. Drive forward conversations and milestones for the project. Work groups love this feature as it documents key conversations and eliminates the need to search through old email. Everyone stays aligned and up to date!


Holds the sub-components information for the project or program; or for any number of SKUs with their own unique data. You can track every piece of the project easily and reliably.

Project Information at Your Fingertips

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Location Independent

Approvers can review the round wherever they may be that day. All that is needed is an Internet browser - desktop or mobile device - to review the files. Collaboration between internal and external users becomes simple, and in real time.

Always-Current Status

The feedback form displays the current status of each approver, including completion times and their notes for the approval. You always know who is left to review the routing.

Complete Digital Audit Trail

Each round is stored with its change history providing users immediate access to view and even compare rounds.

Facilitate Collaboration & Deliver Your Projects Quicker

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File Sharer

Unrestricted Download Size

Large packages are not a problem. Create your download without worrying about the size. We will get your package to the person or group that needs to get it.

Ease of Use

To pull your package together, simply upload your file, identify who you want to get the package, and you are done.

Auditable and Secure

Access to the package is secured through an encrypted link. An audit trail is created that identifies when packages were uploaded and who has downloaded them.

Create Accountability & Free Up Your Time

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We Love To Help Our Creative Services & Marketing Clients are managing a wide variety of projects with tight deadlines and at times many moving parts. Our system has helped them to stay on top of the many demands from across their company.

  • 31% Increase in On-Time Projects
  • 50% Reduction in Artwork Rounds
  • 100% Accountability
  • Approver has been huge benefit to our team. On the one hand it helped us streamline our review process and complete the design phase more quickly. On the other hand, it enabled us to reliably comply with government standards. Approval is a truly indispensable tool.

    Megan Theis, Traffic Manager
  • We have needed a system like this for so long. When I saw what the WBD solution could do it was mind-blowing.

    Deb Foley, Art Director
  • Asset Finder enables us to easily re-purpose all of our digital files. We can quickly locate illustrations, photographs, and logos, which we use to maintain consistency throughout our catalogs, packaging, and sales materials.

    Suzanne Lavery, Brand Manager