Workflow By Design - The Basics

Creative Solutions for Creative Clients

The Basics

Clarity in Your Workflow Process

Are you in the midst of managing a myriad of projects with different timelines, teams, and requirements? Is it difficult to know the status of each project, what is needed to move the project along, or a means for prioritizing it all.

This is very typical for many creative teams, just like yours. Often spreadsheets, emails, and antiquated software solutions are used ineffectively; especially when artwork routing is involved.

We can help with our modular solution approach to creating a solution that fits your needs, and solves your most important challenges.


A Configurable Solution to Fit Your Needs We Provide a Solution That Can Gradually Evolve & Change as Your Business Changes



    Forms are configured based on your needs and existing workflows. We capture what is important to your projects based on the type of project.



    Grids are like spreadsheets used for Component/SKU information and budgets. We recognize that often our customers have commonly used spreadsheets – import them directly to one of our grids!



    Automate the project initiation in the system by collecting key project data and documents using simple workflow buttons. You can approve/reject requests ensuring projects kickoff with the right information before time and money are spent.


    Access Controls

    Provide access to key information for those who need it while segmenting out what they do not, or should not, have privileges to see. This can be done on a project-by-project basis, by role, or by group – keeping it simple for everyone.



    Create reports that fit your needs. Know how many projects are active, what is the status across projects, how many approval rounds you have on average – you decide what is needed and we will help generate the right reports.

We Help Creative Professionals

We Help Creative Professionals Our Knowledge and Experience is Second to None

We are steeped with knowledge and experience in Private Brand, Brand Management, and the Product Life Cycle. Our deep artwork and design experience is infused into our workflow solution making it an intuitive tool for creative professionals. We understand the pressures of design and artwork production.