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Product Keeper

How would you like to save precious time lost hunting down information?

What about reducing rework on a project due to data entry errors? Need to keep track of vendors related to your products?

  • 800 Staff Hours Regained Per Year

Product Keeper stores key product information in a central location allowing you to find what you need with just a click of a mouse. Searching multiple corporate content management systems for key product information is time consuming and prone to data re-entry error. The Product Keeper is a repository that houses key product information such as specs, product variants, and associated vendors. Data can be entered manually or via an interface with your corporate systems.


Key Benefits & Features


The Product Keeper forms and sub modules are completely configurable to capture as much or as little information as you need.

Product Files

View and attach a wide array of files including images, audio and video.

Data Search

The Product Keeper features enhanced search that allows users to quickly filter, sort, and locate key information.

Group Variants

Link product variants to the original product. When linked, the main product and any variants will show. No more wondering if you know all related products that should be included in a project.

Link to Projects

Attach products to Tracker projects directly from the Product Keeper.


Link key vendor information to products for easy reference.

Consumer Response

Store key consumer response information related to products.

Quality Schedules

Track QA testing schedules and results.

Link To Corporate Systems

Sync data with corporate systems eliminating re-entry time and possible errors.

Find What You Need With a Click of the Mouse

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Bringing Value

Task Time w/o Product Keeper Time with Product Keeper Cost w/o Product Keeper Cost with Product Keeper Savings
Seek out three systems/people 90 min 5 min $46.80 $2.60 $8,840
Enter data manually 30 min 0 min $15.60 $0 $3,120
Find errors/rework project 60 min 0 min $31.20 $0 $6,240
Annual Savings Based on 200 projects per year $18,200.00
  • Keeping product information updated is so much easier with Product Keeper. We manage vendors' quality testing, specifications, and regulatory information in one place, keeping our quality process in compliance.

    Scott Williams, AVP Quality Assurance
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