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Introducing Scott Berkley

By: Ann Marie VegaOn: August 23, 2016

We are excited to introduce Scott Berkley our new Director of Implementation and Account Management.  Scott leads our team of client facing professionals as they continue to provide the best implementation and ongoing service experience possible.

Scott has been immersed in the Creative Services Industry for his entire career.  He has lived the craziness of deadlines, approvals, and last minute changes.  Scott understands the value of a strong project management solution from the user’s perspective.  His system skills and unique perspective come from having implemented several workflow systems in his past roles; he was you so he gets it.

As we have introduced him to our clients over the last few weeks, it is clear that our clients are happy to have him onboard and in their corner.  He brings insights from real experience and understands how to make our solution solve your problems.

We are flattered to hear Scott say, “Every time I think of something the solution should do, I find out we already have it in place.  Our solution goes a step further than any other system that I have worked with in the past.”

Welcome Scott, and thanks for joining us!