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Process before Platform

By: Scott BerkleyOn: February 23, 2017

The goal is to have an effective workflow solution adopted by your organization getting projects completed on time and product to shelf faster.  For success, you will need a fully defined, mapped, published and agreed upon process across all the players. This is especially important in package production and creative services, with all the moving parts, pressure and players. Simply put, you have to have process before you have a platform.
That said, the first step is finding a solution provider who can identify and pull together all the key stakeholders in your organization to document the gaps, the needs, the nice-to-haves and current roadblocks in your current state; basically defining the current ‘process’ - good, bad and otherwise.
Asking the following three questions will give you the important insights about any provider you are considering.
1.    Is your business important to them? If they are truly a solution provider, they should be present and accounted for, bringing knowledge and best practices to the table.
2.    Do they know your business? If their key personnel think CMYK is a code language or a traffic report typically found on AM radio you can be assured they really don’t ‘feel your pain’ nor can they help you map your best practice processes.
3.    Do they have a solution that fits? If you are seeing a natural, linear alignment between your process and the flow of the platform you know you are on the right path with a legit solution provider focused on the Creative Industry. Otherwise you are likely seeing the same system that the legal firm or university was sold with no regard for your specific industry needs in mind.
No platform will create a process. A true solution provider can help you define your process and then provide a platform configured to solve your unique challenges. A solid process and an industry knowledge-based platform will drive higher adoption across your organization and ensure an efficient process for years to come; you might even earn the moniker of the all-knowing “Oz.”