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Nutrition Label Updates – A Ticking Time Bomb?

By: Ann Marie VegaOn: September 20, 2016

It is not quite as explosive as a time bomb, but three months have already passed since the FDA published the update requirements.  Every Nutrition Facts label has to be updated and ready for production by July 2018.  Seemingly, this seems very far away.  In reality, it is a very short amount of time given the steps that need to happen to successfully update the artwork associated with the volume of packages across your product lines.

Below are a few examples of essential and time consuming steps that must be project managed carefully across your full set of SKUs:

  • You must include added sugars in the updated Nutrition Facts.Do you have that formulation information already available?Most likely the answer is no, and this will take some time to complete across all of your SKUs.
  • If the added sugar is high, brand managers will need to decide if sales would be affected creating a potential for reformulation, and adding time.
  • The new Nutrition Facts label for each product must be updated and properly aligned with the current packaging run down timeframe.

While the examples above clearly identify the need to get started, they barely touch on the full requirements of the update.  Creating a strong project management plan, supported by a solution that can handle complex programs and high-volume artwork production will be a must.  This simply does not make sense to track in a spreadsheet.  There are too many moving parts across too many SKUs.

Our progressive clients have already begun to work with us to lay out their plans and how to successfully manage this program in our solution.  We would be happy to help you be successful with this FDA required update.  We have the knowledge and expertise to help with high-volume programs.