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Consumer Packaged Goods Company

  • 650 + projects per year

Sized to Fit What is Important

A Consumer Packaged Goods company in the food industry wanted a system to support their Creative Services team. They needed to be able to track artwork production projects, as well as save final artwork as a reference for the factory floor. While the number of users was not large, the number of projects and the importance of the system was enormously important.

A Broad Set of Needs

This customer needed a system that could track all artwork production requests, deliver live project status, allow online artwork routing & approval, and store assets for reuse by a variety of organizations across the company.

  •  Project Management
  •  Asset Management
  •  Artwork Routing


Supporting Collaboration

We worked with the client to implement a project management system that could support their artwork projects from start to finish – including a reference for the factory. This customer has been able to manage an average of 650 projects each year with only a few members in their creative services team. This is in part due to the system providing one place of truth, the ability to communicate and work with outside agencies, and improved teaming with the factory for asset reference. Sometimes a simple, but well-founded solution is all that is needed to make a big difference in your Creative Services teams’ daily life. Our system manages projects, yes; but more importantly understands the demands of artwork production.


Centralized project tracking simplifies and expedites your workflow.


Real time approval builds in accountability.

File Sharer

Unlimited file distribution provides detailed tracking and historical records.

Asset Finder

Asset management finds and repurposes assets with ease.

The Outcomes

  • 650+ 
projects per year
  • 15% in average project lifetime*
  • 7000+ assets stored

*based on a 2 year period

Total Workflow Solution

Streamline your Process The Total Workflow Solution Provides an Integrated Approach to a Project's Lifecycle Project Management and Administration.

Using a modular approach allows us to customize the solution to fit your challenges, and solve your most important problems. Our solution is flexible and customized to fit how you work allowing both well-founded practices to continue and incorporating new best practices to be adopted.